Objective: Weaknesses and strengths of the site
  • Checking websites for any Google filters in order to form a strategy for the next steps.
  • Selecting the most relevant commercial keywords that will attract the largest target audience possible.
  • Website structure analysis and keywords distribution. Selecting the pages for corresponding word-combinations promotion.
  • Gathering information about your competitors to make you fully prepared for their actions.
Internal optimization
Objective: Optimize site construction with search engine metrics
  • Creation of meta tags according to the list of keywords under promotion
  • Improvement of the website HTML code, placing required tags and attributes corresponding to the current search engine standards. Adding alt tags and closing external links via no follow attribute to preserve the weight of the pages.
  • SEO texts writing.
  • Error 404 and broken links removal.
  • Changing website interlinking to add max link juice to the promoted pages.
  • Editing of robots.txt and .htaccess files for correct website display in search engines.
  • Sitemap file generation for complete indexing of the website pages.
    • Placing social media buttons on the website for social media signals improvement.
Objective: To increase the number of visits to the website
  • Analysis of the website link juice. Removal of bad, unnatural links. Selecting link placement spaces.
    • Creation of the niche-related link juice required for achieving top positions. Integrating links into the unique content related to your subject to boost the effectiveness of your promotion.
Objective: Complete satisfaction with us
  • Customer support. Your personal manager daily monitors the progress of your FullSEO campaign, keeping you posted on every change.
    • Reporting center. Regular, detailed analytical reports will always keep you informed on the state of your campaign.
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