seo web site

A word that is quite familiar to all business owners these days


But what is SEO and site optimization for SEO?

Why do we all need to know about it?

What impact does it have on my business?

What kind of SEO do I need?

How much is SEO for my site?

These are all questions that may arise for you who have a physical or internet business, and we will answer all these questions quite clearly here.

SEO is the observance and creation of a series of protocols that make you better seen on the Internet and your site visitors increase and the number of visits to your pages increases.

These protocols are determined by search engines to display you in their list of top people

Website optimization for SEO includes a series of different tasks on your website that an SEO optimizes according to the protocol of search engines or in other words complies with these standards or protocols and makes you score Get higher rankings for your competitors and more traffic to your site, which means you will be on the first page of Google

Given that 65% of businesses are now moving towards electronics, so in order to be able to grow your business or rather not lose your business, you should think about having a Be a website and most importantly have a good ranking in Google and other search engines.

This rating (having a good site and ranking) is the best option to get more customers that can give a lot of prosperity to your business.

In total, we have three types of four types of SEO

White hat

White hat is the standard that we offer you this type and our request is that you do not use anything except site optimization and white hat

Gray hat

This type of is a combination of white and black , which has a 50% chance of being penalized by search engines and is not recommended at all.

Black Hat

The best way to get rid of your site domain from all search engines, including Google, is to end all costs and hope to compete in the digital world with that domain name. We do not recommend at all and we do not do it


Be sure to do this because any template and any type of design can not meet all the standards because the overall design time of the code is changed and changes are made in the speed and codes that an SEO can do for you. Correct and repair


The price of depends on many things

From the life of the domain to the type of coding, even the loading speed of the site and the company of the providers, the subject of the site, keywords, the type of writings and their amount, etc ……..

For price information, you can refer to the following link

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